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Multilingual Month 2019 is coming again – want to take part?

Multilingual Month (Satakielikuukausi) is an annual multilingual celebration between the International Mother tongue Day (February 21st) and the World Poetry Day (March 21st), which has been celebrated in Finland for four years (2015-2018). In 2017 it was also launched in other Nordic countries under the name Multilingual Month. 

How is multilingualism affecting you and / or your organization? Do you want to be involved in organizing Multilingual Month in 2019 in your environment?

The subject of the multilingualism month covers events, projects and news dealing in one way or another linguistic diversity or implemented in multilingual languages ​​in the Nordic countries.

The Multilingual Month is open event for everyone, and you do not have to ask for permission to arrange an event forit. In addition to the events, the contents of the Multilingual Month can also be multilingual practices, which can be described in the Multilingual Month blog, for example.

The Cultural Center Caisa is coordinating the Multilingual Month in 2019.

Read more in our news in Finnish.

More information:
Multilingual Mont (Satakielikuukauksi) in Finland:
Cátia Suomalainen-Pedrosa, catia.suomalainenpedrosa(a)hel.fi
Cultural Center Caisa’s open call for Satakielikuukausi (in Finnish): http://www.caisa.fi/fi/ajankohtaista/10/0/caisan_open_call

Multilingual Month (Nordic dimension):
Outi Korhonen (until December 2018), outi.korhonen(a)kulttuuriakaikille.fi

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