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Espoo Art Scene – How is Cultural Diversity Going? Seminar 25.9.2018

Welcome to the opening seminar of the Globe Art Point at Espoo City Theater project on Tuesday, 25 September 2018 at 14-16 at the Espoo City Theater's Revontulihalli to discuss on the cultural diversity of Espoo's art and culture field.

Finland is becoming more and more richly diversified, and Espoo is one of the fastest developing cities in this respect as well. The seminar will highlight the impact of this change and reflect on the role of arts and culture in building the city's attractiveness and urban prosperity and equality.

One of the practical motors of the change is Globe Art Point´s three-year GAP LAB project funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, which starts with co-operation with Espoo City Theater. In September-December 2018, there will be six different performances / events performed at Revontulihalli combined with high artistic quality and the cultural diversity of the working groups. The series is curated by artist Teemu Mäki.

Espoo art scene - how is cultural diversity going? seminar discusses on this topical issue and creates a look at future steps. The event is in English, it is organized by Globe Art Point ry in collaboration with Espoo City Theatre.

Please registrate latest in 18.9.2018: info(a)globeartpoint.fi


13.30-14 Coffee

14.00 Welcome words  

Erik Söderblom, theater director, Espoo City Theater  
David Kozma, Chairman, Globe Art Point

14.10 Dance performance (fragment)

Favela Vera Ortiz: Crossing Latitudes. Premiere on November 13, 2018 in Revontulihalli

14.30 Artist´s words (person to be confirmed)

14.45 Panel discussion (group to be completed)

Andy Best-Dunkley, sculpture, lecturer, researcher, Aalto University David Kozma, theatre director, chairman of Globe Art Point    

Erik Söderblom, theatre director, Espoo City Theatre 
Teemu Mäki, artist, curator    
Tiina Kasvi, cultural manager, Espoon City Culture Office  
Reetta Kalajo, intendent, Emma – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

15.50. Closing words

16.00 Seminar ends

Globe Art Point is an association established in 2016 in Helsinki by the communities of non-Finnish-born artists resident in Finland promoting diversity in art and culture field and collaboration between artists with different backgrounds and art institutions.

Further information: Globe Art Point, managing director Tomi Purovaara, tel. 050 44 2987 531, tomi.purovaara(a)globeartpoint.fi, Espoo City Theatre, director Erik Söderblom, tel. 0400 7920 016, erik.soderblom(a)espoonteatteri.f

www.globeartpoint.fi , espoonteatteri.fi

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