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G.A.P. Lab Program at Revontuli Hall at Espoo City Theatre Revontuli Hall

Globe Art Point is an association founded in autumn 2016 by non-Finnish born artists and culture workers residing in Finland. The aim of Globe Art Point is to promote diversity and new forms of cooperation within the field of arts and culture in Finland. The performance series at the Espoo City Theatre is the first part of the association’s GAP LAB project, which is carried out from 2018-2020 with support from the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The aim of the project is to promote artistically valuable as well as culturally and linguistically diverse cooperation between artists of different backgrounds, Finnish arts institutions and different individuals. The series is curated by Teemu Mäki. 


Mon 1 October 7 pm 

Continuum is a concert and dance performance. It explores the fundamental elements of rhythm, texture, movement and human connection, building on the concept of resonance as both a physical sensation and a metaphor for intercultural interaction, dialogue and collaboration. A dialogue is created between musicians and dancers from different backgrounds, investigating themes of identity, diversity, human connection, borders, struggle, perseverance and the search for common ground, striving for a state where the performers are taken over by the music and movement itself. 

Percussion, berimbau, vocals Adriano Adewale, 
Dance Amandine Doat 
Electronics Otso Lähdeoja 
Dance Fornier Ortiz 
Vocals Petra Poutanen-Hurme 
Dance Njara Rasolo 
Augmented double bass, stomp box, ilimba, vocals Nathan Riki Thomson 
Choreography Satu Tuomisto 
Dance Elina Valtonen 
Duration 60 mins 

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Helsinki 
Produced by Satu Tuomisto Project and Uniarts Helsinki 
Premiere 15.6.2018 Helsinki Music Centre Black Box 

Lehman Trilogy by Stefano Massini 

Thu 18 October 7 pm 

Director Davide Giovanzana 
Cast Jussi Lehtonen, Timo Torikka, Juha Sääski 
Music Maija Ruuskanen 
Video Markus Alanen 
Translation Elina Suolahti 
Producer Luc Gérardin 
Production Teatteri Metamorfoosi 
Performed in Finnish 

With the support from Finnish cultural Foundation and from Finnish National theatre 

Lehman Trilogy by Stefano Massini tells the rise and the downfall of the Lehman Brother, one of the most important and influential bank in the world, which collapsed suddenly following the financial crisis in 2007. It explores how the dream of three brothers became a merciless machine crushing everything. In parallel, the play depicts the evolution of economy and capitalism towards modern society – our society – where the work is de-materialized and where the notion of “profit” defines every transaction. 

The performance presented at Espoo City theatre is the first part of the trilogy. It tells the arrival of three brothers from Germany to America in the middle of the 19thcentury, how they built their fortune, how they participated actively in establishing the idea of the “American Dream”, and the first steps towards the idea that goods and value are not necessarily bound to each other. 

The show will consist of a stage reading of the first 12 chapters of the play and an installation presenting several thematic of the play and their relationship to nowadays Finland. 

More and Most 
Fri 9 November 7 pm

Vocalist Sirkka Kosonen 
Electro-acoustic sound Alejandro Olarte 
Live Painting Malin Skinnar 

Crossing Latitudes 
Tue 13 November 7 pm 

Choreography Favela Vera Ortiz 
Dance Tanja Illukka 
Sound Sergio Castrillón 
Scenography Lotta Esko 
Photo Arno Illukka, Vanessa White 

Exquisite Corpse 
Tue 4 December 7 pm

Concept Diana Soria Hernandez 
Video Erika Ordosgoitti, Nadia Granados 

This piece drifts throughout the reverberation between two different continents and almost opposite contexts. It is a kind of Exquisite Corpse that engages with the relation between urgency, performance and poetics. The starting point was to question, how to represent violence without reproducing it? 

A serie of 4 events will take part in 4 collaborations: Kontula Electronic (Helsinki), El Avispero (Bogotá), Globe Art Point & Espoo City Theatre (Espoo) and InSitu (Mexico). These are composed through live performances that travel in the form of document, and that as a form of an echo are presented interleaved with new live actions. 

Documentation cannot be affected in its content but the perception of it can. Live performance is more likely to be affected since in its liveness, there is agency. 

This project is part of ANALCO PROJECT, organized by Diana Soria Hernandez and is kindly supported by Suomen Kulttuurirahasto 

Renaissance Lab 
Tue 11 December 7 pm

Producer Irina Duskova (Finland/Lithuania) 
Director Tilman Hecker (Germany) 
Documentary theatre director Anastasia Patlay (Russia) 
Choreographer  Antti Silvennoinen (Finland) 
Set designer Adrian Damian (Romania) 
Light designer Janis Snikers (Latvia) 
Sound designer  Thorsten Hoppe (Germany) 

The main idea of the laboratory is to establish a multinational and cultural exchange by working with local community of artists and create a public performance or demo within five days from meeting each other. The group will conduct interviews; create space design and rehears in very tight time frame. Final performance will cover questions about the link of political decisions of ruling government of Finland and real life; personal expectations of the future, gender role models, digitalization versus traditional values and their necessity in today’s world, conflict between past and future generations. As an international group Renaissance Lab brings experience and knowledge of many cultures that can create a productive terrain for discussion and artistic experimentation. 

Renaissance Lab – is an international collective of theatre artists from five countries that have met all together for the first time in February 2018. We believe in artistic freedom and experiment in order to create an outstanding theatre work both valuable for artists and the audience of today. 

Ticket to all performances 10€. 

Venue: Revontuli Hall, Espoo 

For more information see Espoo City Theatre’s website.

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