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Get to know the EU Disability Card

The EU Disability Card has been taken into use in Finland in June 2018. Persons with disabilities can use the card both in Finland and in other EU member states to easily prove their disability or need of assistance when, for example, travelling by public transport or participating in sports or culture events. The EU Disability Card is voluntary and cannot be used to obtain social benefits. A nominal fee is charged when the card is issued.

Get to know the EU Disability Card in the following places (in Finnish): 

Helsinki 4.9.2018  
Joensuu 18.9.2018 
Oulu 5.10.2018 
Vaasa 22.10.2018 (tolkas också till svenska) 
Tampere 7.11.2018 
Jyväskylä 19.11.2018 
Kuopio 17.1.2019 
Kouvola 24.1.2019 
Salo 31.1.2019 

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