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Among two languages. Creative writing for multicultural young writers

Are you a young person living among several languages and cultures? Would you like to improve yourself as a writer and discover your own voice? Welcome to the Among Two Languages creative writing course!

Literature association Nuoren Voiman Liitto (NVL) is organizing a writing course called Among Two Languages for the upcoming fall season. The aim of the course is to encourage and bring together young writers from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The course will be split into two groups, of which the first one will be held in Finnish language and the other one mainly in English. The courses will be free of charge for the participants.

At the course you will have a chance to practise your writing skills with various genres from prose to poetry and pragmatic texts. Above all, you will be able to find your own way and style of writing. The purpose of the course is to support young people to find their own voices as writers, and to also bring them confidence to utilize two languages in their future profession. 

The courses will be led by creative writing teacher and Master of Arts Jenni Hurmerinta, a long term teacher for Nuoren Voiman Liitto. Jenni has an extensive experience of teaching creative writing workshops and courses, for example in reception centers and schools.

The course is directed for young writers in their high school age, who have been growing up among several nationalities and languages. Everyone is welcome regardless of their previous experience in writing. The participants will decide themselves which group will suit their needs and language skills better. They should know at least the basics of Finnish or English language, but advanced language skills are not required. 

The course is organized in collaboration with Sivuvalo and it´s funded by Taike. 

For enrolment & additional info, please visit Nuoren Voiman Liiton webpages.

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