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Workshop on living cultural heritage and cultural diversity on 7th October

Is your culture well represented in Finland? Do you want to contribute to the cultural policies and make some change? Are you a practitioner of heritage, an NGO worker, an artist, a researcher, an educator, an activist, or an enthusiast?


Welcome to an online workshop on intangible cultural heritage and cultural diversity organised by the Finnish Heritage Agency on Thursday 7th October at 2-4 pm!

We will discuss how culturally diverse groups participate to the safeguarding of living heritage in Finland and what measures might be developed. The measures can be related to education and training, research, policy measures, or work done by NGOs, museums and archives. The Agency is interested in hearing both good practices and points in need of further development.

The workshop is related to the UNESCO Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). Intangible heritage means the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills, as well as instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces, which communities, groups and individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage. It can include oral traditions, performing arts, craftmanship, social practices, rituals and festivities or knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe. Read more about the work under the Convention in Finland.

Finland is now reporting to UNESCO for the first time. The report will look on how the living heritage is safeguarded and promoted. We believe to gain valuable insight that can be used on the further work under the Convention!

The workshop is organised in cooperation with the Culture for All Service. The language of the workshop is English, but in small groups it is also possible to use other languages.

Please sign up via this Webropol form 1st October the latest. We will send the link to participate to all registered.

Warm welcome!


Leena Marsio

Senior advisor

Finnish Heritage Agency


+358 29533  6017

UNESCO 2003 Convention in Finland

Wiki-inventory for living heritage

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