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The 2nd YYA Meeting of Artist-run Organisations 12.-13.3., Helsinki

Welcome to the second peer support and networking event for Helsinki-based artist-run groups, associations, spaces and networks from different art fields.

The idea is to gather, to get to know each other, to meet and map desires and needs of different actors.

Could there be a space where different actors could learn from each other, share skills, resources or form alliances?

The aim for the meeting is networking and peer support for artists groups. The goal of the second day is to build dialogue with  art and funding institutions.

Time and place:

Thu 12.03. at 10-15 A Day with institutions
Fri 13.03. 11-17  A Day with artist-run organisations
19-22 Party time!
Location: Teatteri Toivo, entrance from Haukilahdenkatu 2 Helsinki


The organizing team consists of a group of members from various  artists-run organisations: Pois poteroista -liike, Catalysti ry, Taidemaalariliitto, Esitystaiteen seura, Muu ry, Teatteri Toivo, in collaboration with Kulttuuria kaikille.

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