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Call for contents for the Nordic seminar In Other Wor(l)ds closes in August 20th

Seminaarin tunnuskuva, jossa

Would you like to share your experiences related to multilingualism with other professionals? Culture for All receives program proposals to a Nordic seminar until August 20th.

About the seminar

In Other Wor(l)ds is the final seminar of the project Multilingualism and Diversity as a Resource in the Cultural Field. How can we recognize the new Nordic resources that remain unknown due to different language barriers? What kind of new skills and policies can we learn from our Nordic neighbours in the field of linguistic diversity?

The content of the seminar includes language-specific presentations of Nordic literary fields (Sámi, Kurdish, Romani and Somali languages) and discussions about policies and practices that support multilingualism in the Nordic societies. In the workshops, the participants can discuss in smaller groups e.g. questions related to multilingual library work, tools that facilitate the construction of multilingual work communities, the new needs for translation policies, the construction of a multilingual path from babies to the elderly. 

The seminar is part of the project Norden 2020: “An Open and Innovative Nordic Region with Healthy People 2020 – Equal Opportunities for Welfare, Culture, Education and Work”.

Time and place

Thursday 25.10. 2018
Hanasaari conference centre
10:00-17:00 + get-together

How to contribute to the workshop program?

Do you have a project, program or practice related to multilingualism that you would like to share in the seminar? The workshop program is still under construction. We look for contents related to the inclusion of minority languages and other non-dominant languages in the Nordic Region.
We´ve defined the themes as the following:

· the construction of multilingual work communities in the cultural field

· the construction of a multilingual path from babies to the elderly

· questions related to multilingual literary field

· questions related to multilingual library work

If you want to participate, please send us a description of 100-200 words and related links at the latest August 20th 2018. We´ll cover the travel and accommodation costs of the chosen proposals within the Nordic Region (one person / proposal).

Please describe in the text

· the concrete contents of the project, programme or practice that you would present

· what you would like to share with others about your work and why? The content can also be a good question or problem that you have not resolved.

· if you would prefer a traditional presentation or a participatory workshop (what kind of?)

· what your relation is to the project, program or practice 


Contact information

Outi Korhonen, project coordinator 
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