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New report about Kaikukortti testing in Kainuu area

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Culture for all Service has published a new report in Finnish about Kaikukortti test in Kainuu area in 2016. 

Kaikukortti is a discount card with which one can get free tickets to the cultural venues that are part of the Kaikukortti network. The card is meant for customers of social and health care communities of the Kaikukortti network who feel that they are financially hard pressed.

Kaikukortti model was tested out in Kainuu in 2016. It was the first regional experiment of the Kaikukortti. 

Culture for all Service carried out two surveys about the Kaikukortti testing in Kainuu area in autumn 2016, one for the Kaikukortti cardholders and one for the Kaikukortti network's social and health care and cultural partners. The purpose of the surveys was to evaluate the significance of the card and to find out the pluses and minuses of the tried and tested Kaikukortti model. The report (Haataja 2018) dives into results of the surveys.

According to cardholders, the card was considered necessary and was hoped to be continued. Kaikukortti had increased the respondents' participation in cultural events in quite a short time, and even attracted several people to participate to the cultural life for the first time. The respondents felt that Kaikukortti has a positive impact on their wellbeing, especially the quality of life. The obstacles to using the card were, among other things, problems related to moving, such as lack of a car or a public transport.

"Hope that a similar service will continue in some form in Kainuu!" (Kaikukortti card holder)

The actors at the social and health care who distribute the card to their clients said that Kaikukortti is a useful tool for customer work. The card was felt to promote customers' quality of life and inclusion, helping the "customer to a more social life". The actors at Kaikukortti networks culture operators felt that the Kaikukortti had increased the accessibility and attractiveness of their own service.  

The results of the survey are used as part of the development work of the Kaikukortti. The survey was repeated in Kainuu in autumn 2016 and its results will be available later in 2018.

The national Kaikukortti activities are coordinated by the Culture for All service with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Mira Haataja, Project Coordinator, Project Kaikukortti kaikuu

Email: mira.haataja (a) cultureforall.fi, Tel: +358 40 213 6339

More information about the new report in Finnish.

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