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Sonya Lindfors’ COSMIC LATTE premieres in May

Sonya Lindfors: COSMIC LATTE

It is year 2018.
A brown artist is sitting on a brown stage.
A brown artist is sitting on a brown stage dreaming of a future still unimaginable.

It is year 3018.
A brown artist is sitting on a brown stage.
A brown artist is sitting on a brown stage. It no longer means anything but still feels like something.

COSMIC LATTE asks what a utopian future that comes after the confrontations and breaking up of structures would look like. The logic of our thinking has changed, because black and white are no longer opposites. Instead, they contain one another. Borderlines have become less steep, meanings mix like liquids.

Afrofuturism, a term coined in 1993 by Mark Dery, provides the framework for the radical dreaming that is COSMIC LATTE. The term, initially used in sci-fi contexts, defined, reimagined and dreamed blackness and black identity. Afrofuturism dreamed of a place where freedom, equality, past, present and future are come together in a mystical interzone that escapes all limitations and borders.

Cosmic Latte is a name given by researchers for the average colour of the universe.

COSMIC LATTE is also the third instalment of Sonya Lindfors' series of works focusing on blackness.

Sonya Lindfors is a Helsinki-based choreographer and the artistic director of the UrbanApa community. She uses her works to shake up power structures. Sonya Lindfors is Zodiak's house choreographer during season 2017-2018.

Fri 11.5. 19:00 Premiere

Sat 12.5. 19:00

Sun 13.5. 15:00

Tue 15.5. 19:00

Wed 16.5. 19:00

Fri 25.5. 19:00

Sat 26.5. 15:00

Sat 26.5. 19:00

Sun 27.5. 15:00

Tue 29.5. 14:00

Tue 29.5. 19:00

Wed 30.5. 19:00 2017–2018.

Pre-talk on May 12 at 18:15–18.45
Post-performance discussion on May 15.

Choreography, direction: Sonya Lindfors
Working group: Deogracias Masomi, Ima Iduozee, Pauliina Sjöberg, Erno Aaltonen, Jussi Matikainen, Sonya Lindfors
Production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Sonya Lindfors



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