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The involving Museum II project has started at the Art and Museum Centre Sinkka

In January, the Museum of Contemporary Art II - Welfare of Art started in the Kerava Art Museum. The project identifies opportunities for cooperation between the Arts and Museum Centre Sinkka and Kerava's social and family services and tests new types of customer-oriented museum services. During the project, practices are being created that will allow the social and family services to make better use of museum services. The collaboration helps both parties in the planning of everyday activities and the rooting of art practices in nursing pratices.

The target groups of the project are the elderly (nursing homes and home care clients), immigrants, mental health rehabilitators and clients of disabled services. The project sponsored by the National Board of Antiquities and the City of Kerava utilizes methods for service design. Together with customers, new service models, such as functional guides, workshops, pop-up exhibitions and hacks are being developed for use inside and outside the museum walls.

From a community perspective, the focus is on the involvement of different population groups and the prevention of exclusion where volunteer networks of Kerava and Sinkka play a key role. The key objectives of the participating Museum II project include mapping the volunteer network of the Museum Center and organizing the activities into a community resource. With them, art-based well-being can also be provided outside the walls of the museum. In addition to art education, the main themes of the project include equality, interaction, shared expertise and accessibility. The project is funded by the National Board of Antiquities, the City of Kerava and the Arts Promotion Center.

For more information:

Head of Education Kirsi Nuppola, kirsi.nuppola (a) kerava.fi, tel. +358 40 318 3436

Senior Project Officer Outi Putkonen, outi.putkonen (a) kerava.fi, tel. +358 40 318 2860

Read more on Sinkka's website (in Finnish).

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