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Globe Art Point will implement during 2018-2020 the GAP LAB & GAP INFO – Laboratory and Information Bank of the New Finnish Arts and Culture project. In this multidisciplinary project, new ways of collaboration are created promoting accessibility and participation in lingually and culturally diverse Finland.

GAP LAB is a program enhancing artistic collaboration between Finnish and non-Finnish-born artists as well as with Finnish art and culture institutions.

GAP INFO has two parts. The first phase is Artist´s Welcome Package where an extensive information in English will be collected consisting facts of the Finnish art and culture field: legislation, funding, organizations, Unions and other sides of the sector. A comprehensive list of different institutions, organizations and associations will offer a map for artists to navigate on their professional path.

The second part of GAP INFO will be Artist´s Welcome Program where the information mentioned above will be put in practice in workshops and meetings as well as with networking events and visits to art & culture organizations.

Along with GAP LAB & GAP INFO project, a curated database of non-Finnish-born artists, curators and other art workers and experts will be collected to the Globe Art Point´s website.

Read more about GAP LAB & GAP INFO on GAP’s news.

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