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Kaaos Co and Theatre Academy presents Patella – and touch tours on March 15 & 16

Patella, a dance piece in collaboration with Theatre Academy's MA pedagogy students and Kaaos Co has its premiere on 14.3. Tickets are available now.

"I wish I could separate different body parts together and apart. Some of them are hanging in the air. You can allow them to look at us. Or are they even watching. Humans and objects, what’s the space in between us. Laughing bones, can you see the limits on my skin. Dream-like, we sense together. Wordless flying into a bellyflop." – performers

Time: 14., 15., 16., 17.3.2018 at 19:00
Place: Teatterikorkeakoulu - Theatre Academy, Studio 3
The space is accessible and inclusive for differently abled people.
Tickets: 7-17€

Touch tours:
Putting your sight into your senses: you can choose to participate in a guided touch tour of the space prior to the performance on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of March before the performance at 18:00.

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