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Greetings on Sámi National Day!

Here are some of our information about our current issues related to Sámi languages:

 1) Multlingual Month blog presents a series of blog texts related to Sámi literature. It is curated by Helga West, reporter of YLE Sápmi. The first text presents shortly the content of the entire series and it is here.  Today, on Sámi National Day, the text of Ánne Márjá Guttorm Graven was published. The other writers of the blog series are Pirita Näkkäläjärvi, Mari Korpimäki, Inkeri Lokki and Petra Laiti. During Multilingual month (21.2.-21.3.) the series about Sámi issues will alternate with other themes related to Nordic Multilingualism. Welcome to follow the blog here!

 2) The release of a report about the actual situation of Sámi literature written by Johanna Domokos together with Sámi experts will take place at Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki, Finland in April 18thMore information about the report here.

3) A wider seminar about the situation of Sámi literature will take place in Rovaniemi, April 19thMore information avout the seminar here.

Read more here in Finnish. 

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