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Cultural diversity as a theme on national media week on February 5–11

The national media week will be celebrated on 5–11 February 2018. Media Week 2018 presents two domestic media art works on the theme of Cultural Diversity. 

What does the concept of cultural diversity mean? Can cultural diversity be defined other than through ethnic diversity? The study material approaches the theme from the point of view of individual identity, media and public debate. The works are directed at upper secondary and secondary school students.  Presentation of works is allowed only for teaching use.

Media Week 2018 presents:

Aurora Reinhard: Poikatyttö (“Boygirl”) (2002) - Duration 11:56

Johanne Lecklin: Kieli on avain kaikkeen (“Language is the key to everything”) (2012) - Duration 13:06

Media Week is a media week of media education aimed at developing media skills for children, young people and adults and strengthening adult media education skills.

Read more about Media Week 2018 here (in Finnish only).

Read more here in Finnish.

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