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Pilot training in Finnish for access auditors in Helsinki in spring 2018

Auditing is a tool for any organization to gain knowledge and understanding of how inclusive and useable their services are for everyone.

This course puts emphasis not only on physical environment but reviews the policy and planning work within the audited organization as well as the functionality of services and communications, and the transmission of information and experiences. The result of auditing process is a report that shares findings of how inclusive the practices are and how to develop them further.

The training days in Helsinki are 23-25 April and 21 May 2018. The cost of training is 400 euros (including VAT 24%) and includes lunches and coffees in the class days.

The training is provided by the Culture for All service and ESKE/The Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities.

Registration latest 6.4.2018 www.invalidiliitto.fi/jarjestokoulutus. The accepted participants will be informed and they receive a notice by e-mail.

The training is held in Finnish.

More information:

Sari Salovaara, sari.salovaara@cultureforall.fi  

Aura Linnapuom,i aura.linnapuomi@cultureforall.fi

Marika Nordlund tel. 050 4923020, marika.nordlund@invalidiliitto.fi.

More in Finnish in this link  https://www.kulttuuriakaikille.fi/uutiset.php?aid=16566.

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