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Culture for All collects information for a research about Sámi literature

Questionnaires for writers, translators, publishers and other agents in the Sámi literary field are available also online

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Culture for all is making a report about the situation of Sámi literature in the Nordic region. The investigation is part of Culture for All’s project “Multilingualism and Diversity as a resource in the cultural field – Employment and Integration through Literature in the Nordic Countries“. Based on the information, the project develops practical recommendations for Nordic institutions to support and promote Sámi literary field and Sámi writers’ opportunities. The report will be published in April 2018 in a seminar in Rovaniemi (19.4.2018) and Helsinki (18.4.2018).

The Sámi report is an investigation done with the involvement of the relevant forces of the Sámi literary field such as writers, translators, publishers and editors, and it is carried out by Johanna Domokos. Prof. Domokos has been active as a scholar, translator and international promoter of Sámi literary field for more than two decades.

The collection of information has started at the end of November 2017. Prof. Domokos will be in contact with Sámi authors, translators and publishers during the process. The questionnaires are available also online for all the people who work or have worked in contact with Sámi literature, either as a creator, supporter, promoter or translator. We want the collection of information to be as open as possible. You are free to forward the link to people that are closely contacted or involved in the Sámi literary field.

From the following links you find the questionnaires. Download the questionnaire in the preferred language to your computer, save it with your responses and send it to Johanna Domokos at the latest February 1st 2018:
johanna.domokos (at) uni-bielefeld.de.

Thank you for your contributions! Feel free to distribute the invitation to participate!

Questionnaire for Sámi organizations for improving the conditions of the Sámi literary field

Questionnaire for authors for improving the Sámi literary field

Questionnaire for translators, editors, literary critics and scholars, and other international networkers

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The picture includes pages of a book written in Northern Sámi, a circle and lines with colors of Sámi flag and inside the circle special characters used in typing Northern Sámi.
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