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Coming: Minä luen sinulle (I am reading to you) campaign spring 2018: Registration for the campaign has started.

The Minä luen sinulle ("I am reading to you") campaign brings together new and old Finns with the help of plain language. The campaign culminates during week February 5. - 11. 2018, when immigrants spend time reading for elderly and persons with intellectual disability all over Finland.

Time: week 5.2. - 11.2.2018
Enrollment: It is possible to register until 15 January 2018.

Read more about the campaign here (in Finnish).

"Reading aloud  to another person will share knowledge, tales and friendship," notes President Tarja Halonen who is the protector of the  campaign.
Further information: Minna Salonen / Selkokeskus, tel. (045) 7734 5474, minna.salonen (a) kvl.fi and
Aili Korteniemi / Valli ry, tel. +358 50 400 9485, aili.korteniemi (a) valli.fi

Selkokeskus's campaign pages here (in Finnish).

Yhdessä (“Together”) at Facebook here. 

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