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Baltic Circle – International Theatre Festival November 14.–19. in Helsinki

Baltic Circle – International Theatre Festival is here again November 14.–19.2017 in Helsinki

”This year, Baltic Circle is hosting a platform for discussions on the rights and self-governance of indigenous peoples; on cultural genocide; on rights to land and water; on climate change and solutions to it; on the revival of ecosystems and of people; and on the possibility of changing a nation. The program of works and encounters curated by Pauliina Feodoroff and titled First Nations invites the audience to engage in a sensitive and sore topic – Finnish colonialism.

The invited festival artists make sharp observations about the world (and possible worlds), with their senses soft. They take us to the birthplaces of the self (Pauliina Feodoroff, Maryan Abdulkarim, S.Nousiainen), to hushed cruelties (Michiel Brouwer and Anders Sunna), and to the fenced border regions of Europe (Rima Najdi). They crush our hearts and fill them with joy (Motus). They prepare a voyage for us to the postmortal state of mind (Post-MJ Era Institute Of Consciousness). They make the present moment visible through pleasure (Last Yearz Interesting Negro / Jamila Johnson-Small) and invite us to surrender ourselves to sensing and feeling. A joint club night hosted by Cirko and Baltic Circle wraps up the evening by inviting festivalgoers to share their experiences and to celebrate together, empowered by live music, performance acts and DJ sets. Also coming up: an epic surprise concert.”

- Satu Herrala, Artistic Director

Programme here. 

Baltic Cirlce 2017 at Facebook here. 


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