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How to deal with an aggressive patient? Theater-based methods provide a solution for teaching challenging treatment situations

YAMK student Sarka Lipasti, at Turku University of Applied Sciences, looked into how to develop theater-based methods to support the interaction skills of nursing students and to meet customers.

- Meeting a customer requires discouragement and uncertainty. -- Already in the field, students think that the exercises gave lectures, such as meeting older people, children and mental health patients, Lipasti explains.

The aim was to give impetus to modernizing nursing education by utilizing art-based methods. The results of the study showed that the exercises offered solutions to challenging treatment situations and an aggressive patient encounter. In addition, they helped students in grouping and increased their courage to be themselves. Work was also felt to reduce stress and depression.

Read more here (in Finnish only). 

For more information: please contact Sarika Lipasti, tel. +358 40 5652696, sarika.lipasti (a) gmail.com

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