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Can Democracy be digitalised? Event on November 15 at the Nordic Culture Point, Helsinki

Digitalisation is one of the biggest megatrends of our time. It changes and affects all parts of society. A successful digitalization improves society by creating effectiveness and simplifying things. Digitalisation can even support and develop democracy since internet and new technology give an increasing number of people access to arenas of knowledge and discussion. Nevertheless, a prerequisite for this is that all citizens are given an equal possibility to take part in the good development.

How can digitalization support and develop democracy in the best way? And are all of us really involved: how does digitalization affect equality and participation in society? Are we facing the risk of getting digital knowledge gaps, if only a part of the population understands how they can use the Internet and the new technology to interpret, understand and influence the surrounding society?

We welcome to discuss these topics in a seminar on Wednesday November 15th 2017 at 1.00-5.00pm at the Nordic Culture Point (Kaisaniemenkatu 9, Helsinki). Admission is free. The seminar will be held in Scandinavian and English.  


-   The Nordic countries, front-runners of digitalisation in Europe? What are our common goals, strengths and weaknesses? How do we make the best of digitalisation in the Nordic and Baltic countries? / Sami Kallinen, Founder, 8bitSheep

-   The digital revolution in Estonia and effects on the democracy. / Anna Piperal, Managing Director , E-Estonia Showroom

-   Dansk digitalisering i en kommunal kontekst. Danmark er verdensmestre til digitalisering af den offentlige sektor. Hvordan kom vi dertil, hvilken rolle spiller kommunerne og hvad er de demokratiske implikationer? / Sune Johansson, Chef för Borgerservice och Digitalisering, Hørsholm commune

-   The Smart City – how smart can ”IT” be? On the role of digitalisation in urban planning and development. / Malin Granath, PhD and Assistant Professor in Information Systems, Linköping University

-   Digitaliseringens betydelse för nyhetsförmedlingen i Norden. / Ingela Wadbring, PhD & Professor, NORDICOM

Moderator: Tom Moring, professor

Registrations by the 10th of November 2017, please use this link.

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