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Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colours at Turku Book Fair October 6, 2017

Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colours arranges two events at Turku Book Fair October 6, 2017 together with SQS - Finnish Queer Research Society.

Building your own self: Rainbow themes in children's and young people's literature (Omaa itseä rakentamassa: sateenkaariteemat lasten- ja nuortenkirjallisuudessa)

Time: Friday October 6, 2017 at 12.00-12.40

Place: Fiore, A-hall, Turku Book Fair, Messukentänkatu 9 - 13, 20210 Turku.

The subject of panel discussion is the diversity of sexuality and gender in children's and young people's literature and the importance of the themes is the treatment for young readers in the construction of their own identity.

Panelists: PhD Heta Mulari, Researcher, Youth Research Network; writer Siri Kolu; The county artist of children's culture, author Tittamari Marttinen and author, photographer Eino Nurmisto.

Host: Sari Miettinen, University of Turku, Chair of the Finnish Queer Research Society.

Program producers: SQS - Finnish Queer Research Society & Project Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colors  / Culture for All Service.

Event Building your own self on Facebook in Finnish here.

From closet to canon –  the rainbow history of Finnish literature (Kaapista kaanoniin - kotimaisen kirjallisuuden sateenkaareva historia) 

Time: Friday October 6, 2017 at 17.20 pm to 18.00 pm

Location: Turku Book Fair, Messukentänkatu 9–13, 20210 Turku.

How does the field of Finnish literature and history look like if it is viewed from queer points of view? What are the milestones, silences, key characters, and trends, and what are you talking about when it comes to the rainbow history of literature?

Performers: PhD Mikko Carlson, PhD Elsi Hyttinen and PhD Alexandra Stang.

Interviewer: Rita Paqvalén.

Organizers: Finland 100 – In Rainbow Colors -Project / Culture for All Service & SQS - Finnish queer research Society

Event Kaapista kaanoniin at Facebook in Finnish here. 

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