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Museum of Impossible Forms

Museum of Impossible Forms (MIF) is a cultural center for alternative practices in suburb of Kontula, East Helsinki, formed in 2017. As artists, curators, researchers, art workers and ‘Others’, a significant part of MIF’s practice is of enquiry, research and representations of experiences as well as parallel personal and public histories.

We are striving towards legibility – a vocabulary. At its core, MIF houses a multilingual library, a multimedia archive, and a workshop and exhibition space. It facilitates curated discursive art programs, with an opportunity for norm-critical dialogue framed within the discourse of decoloniality, postcolonial feminism, and queer theory. MIF is envisioned to be a free space with the mandate to avail our resources and expertise to the immediate community in which we are embedded, and to support a cultural labor which is all too often underpaid and underappreciated. MIF wants to steer culture towards a decentralised and non-elitist position and co-generate it with the community as its own creative common.

Read the text by Ali Akbar Mehta in English on the webstie of Kone Foundation

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