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Kaarisilta Biennale, Villähde and Helsinki 27.6. - 6.8.2017

Kaarisilta is an international art exhibition and event organised by Kaarisilta ry. The art pieces were searched through open call and chosen by a jury. The aim is to promote art made by people who need special support and to make art field more equal.

The opening of the biennale is on 21.6.2017 at Kaarisilta art centre, Villähde.

The exhibition is open at Kaarisilta Art Centre, Villähde and Gallery Art Kaarisilta, Helsinki on 27.6. - 6.8.2017.

Kaarisilta ry, Taide- ja Toimintakeskus

Villähteentie 458, 15540 Villähde
tel. 040-733 2363, www.kaarisilta.fi

Galleria Art Kaarisilta

Sanomatalo, 1st floor, Elielinaukio 2, 00100 Helsinki

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