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Cross Over Festival celebrates a 10 year anniversary!

Culture Association EUCREA Finland arranges Cross Over Festival in cooperation with Cultural Service for the Visually Impaired, The Threshold Association and Music Theatre Kapsäkki. The 10th Cross Over is arranged on 8.-11.6.2017 at Pannuhalli, The Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1, Staircase P, 00180 Helsinki.

Cross Over Festival is an event, where artists with and without disabilities present their music, literature, dance, visual art, theatre and poetry. Program includes for example a stand up comedy in sign language by Gavin Lilley, X Dance festival, incomparable Kari Peitsamo and a rewarded documentary My Secret Forest.
Pannuhalli is accessible venue. Free admission.

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Ismo Helén, Kulttuuriyhdistys Suomen EUCREA ry
tel. 050-3543979 / ismo.helen(a)kolumbus.fi

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