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Artists at Risk: First open call

AR-Artists at risk welcomes applications from all over the world. AR will make every effort to find translation for eligible applicants. At the moment, they are working on providing their web-pages, and the application form, in several languages.

The organisers welcome AR-Residents as honoured visiting art professionals, rather than as asylum seekers or refugees. Art practitioners at risk of grievous suppression of freedom of expression, persecution or politically motivated threats to their basic freedoms may apply. AR-Residencies enable practitioners to take a “breather” from their home country, or to use the programme as a “stepping stone” to re-orient their professional lives.

AR-Safe Haven Residencies usually include an apartment or studio, a monthly living grant, travel, visa and insurance costs and a limited budget for a production and legal costs. Each residency, however, offers different conditions. Some residencies can support families.

Deadline: 15 May 2017 (Nevertheless, the organisers accept urgent applications at any time)

Artists at risk: open call

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