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CO2lonialNATION is a truth commission on the relationships of the Northern states

The Rospuutto Group has created the performance together with Giron Sámi Teáhter. CO2lonialNATION starts in the theater what should ultimately also be started by political players.

CO2lonialNATION is a theatrical truth commission on the relationships (and, too often, the complete lack thereof) of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia with the Sámi. And the relationships (and how they are shattered) among us, the Sámi: how the broken people continue to break others and themselves, from one generation to the next.

In spring 2017, the performance tours in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
We are too few. There is too much at stake. Too little time. Too much to react to. Too few to react. Every single action, each use of time must be weighed out, wise decisions made. There is no room for error. We don’t have time for breathers. Something new each day. Every day a new blow to respond to. What is colonisation? Can I ever explain it to anyone who has not been colonised in a way that can be understood?

Why does colonisation continue? How can the object of colonisation break the cycle of exploitation? Will anyone else ever feel the need to? Why would the one who benefits from the current status quo change anything? What is going on and where?

Languages of the performance

Lule Sami, North Sami, English and Swedish. Surtitled in Swedish (in Sweden and Norway), in Finland partly in Finnish.

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