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100 acts for gender equality

100 acts for gender equality is a part of the celebrations and official programme of the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017. The project comprises of different communities taking concrete actions towards gender equality. This enhances the visibility of women, in particular, in the program.

Gender equality is one of the founding principles of Finland and a core strength of the nation. Finland was the first country in the world to elect female Members of Parliament. Moreover, as equality is an integral component of the Finnish image abroad, it is important that gender equality and women be a prominent part of the centenary celebrations. 100 acts for gender equality is a process that creates the room and the possibilities for the whole nation to be diverse and yet together. Taking all citizens along as full and equal participants in the society creates a sustainable Finland ready to step into the next century.

The aim is to increase the citizens’ trust in our country and its ability to offer fair and equitable preconditions for life to all people. Fulfilling the requirements of equality laws, as well as international commitments calls for ongoing efforts. In times of constant change, concrete acts can also serve as a proof of continuity in the long-term development of the Finnish society.

Concrete acts

An act for gender equality is defined as a concrete measure that enhances gender equality within the Finnish society. We invite various organizations from around the country to participate. For example companies, municipalities, civil service departments, NGOs, educational establishments, media and labour market organizations can take action for equality. It is recommended that these communities engage their members in the planning and implementation of the act because acts committed to by the whole community yield best results.

An accepted act is a concrete and new measure that enhances gender equality or the realization of women’s rights in Finland. The act can be big or small, national or local, but it has to bring about active change to the current state of affairs.

In practice and as an example, the act can be implementation of a functional equality plan at work, school or organization, conducting a gender audit of municipal budget, supporting the use of paternity leaves, increasing the transparency of salaries, allocating services to migrant women, signing and implementation of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life (by a municipality), increasing the number of members of underrepresented sex in positions of trust, organizing empowering cultural program, enhancing the standing of gender and sexual minorities or challenging the gender segregation in education and the labour market.

The planning, implementation and funding of each equality act is the responsibility of the organization itself. 100 acts for gender equality-project will assist and advise according to needs and possibilities. Each accepted equality act will be published on the project website and communicated via social media. Therefore, 100 acts for gender equality offers different organizations with the possibility to not only develop themselves but also receive recognition for it. At the same time, the acts function as encouraging examples and benchmarks for good practices in the whole society.

Challenge your organization and get involved in sustaining a more equal Finland!

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