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Interkult Kassandra is looking for art workshop instructors

Deadline for applications 15.1.2016

Interkult Kassandra is looking for workshop instructors, especially from the field of urban street culture, visual art and music (not percussionists). The instructors must be professional artists and have pedagogical knowledge. The workshops are for all age groups, but now we are looking for instructors for especially workshops of young people and small children (under 3 years old).


Intercultural workshops are part of the basic work of Interkult Kassandra. Workshops are held in schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, libraries, elderly day centers, youth houses, cultural centres etc. 80 % of the workshop instructors of Interkult Kassandra have immigrant background. It is essential, that the instructors know the basics of Finnish language.


Please send your application by 15th January to kassandra(at)kassandra.fi. Please attach your CV and possible work samples.

Intercult Kassandra

Interkult Kassandra (Kassandra association) is a nationwide culture hub founded on 2000 which aims to promote interculturalism through art and culture. Through its activities Interkult Kassandra enables encounters between people and cultures and promotes intercultural understanding and tolerance.

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