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Survey about the social impact of arts

Questionnaire open until December 20th

Culture Action Europe is carrying out a project – MEASURING THE IMPACT OF THE ARTS IN SOCIETY – to provide practitioners evidences on the impact of cultural practices and participation on the well-being of citizens and resilience to change and to create and share tools for cultural operators to structure and assess their impact on audiences.

In this field, data are often scarce and hardly comparable, but there are a number of experiences that can be reported and stories (of success, and of failures as well) that can be told.

This is why Culture Action Europe has decided to create a space where stories of social impact of the arts can be told, multimedia documented and collected, together with a very simple tool to make them browsable, retrievable, processable. Both space and tool are beta version. In that framework, they are asking those individuals and organizations who have a story to tell about the social impact of the arts.

Please answer to the questionnaire no later than December 20th, 2015.

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