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Blaue Frau Workshops: norm critic, racism and hate

Helsinki, first one on November 21st

Blaue Frau is proud to present 3 brand new workshops Autumn 2015 in Helsinki, with Camara Joof (NO) Nov 21, Maryan Abdulkarim & Giovanna Esposito Yussif (FI) Nov 28 and Maria Salah (SE) Dec 5. The topics are norm critic, racism and hate. We have a limited amount of places, so please sign up at info(a)blauefrau.com, as soon as possible. The workshops are free of charge and open to anyone.

Workshop with Camara Joof, November 21

While looking at the intersectionality of being a queer woman of colour living in Scandinavia today, Joof will talk and discuss matters concerning language and power structures in the Scandinavian countries. She will look at the challenges of being a feminist today and the challenges of identifying and navigating internalized racism, sexism and white feminism.
She’ll discuss the personal and political challenges of using your own life/body/voice/stories in your art, and the ethical challenges using other people’s lives/bodies/voices/stories in co-created art.

Workshop with Maryan Abdulkarim & Giovanna Esposito Yussif, November 28

The workshop is an intervention. We'll pause a scene and dissect it, then build it up again. The starting point is the crazy and frightening political development in Europe. Why are we so afraid of diversity? Why are we afraid of everything that on any level seems unknown and strange? How can we as artists work with these questions? "We want to address these questions and dig into the current development and its roots.

Workshop with Maria Salah, December 5

The workshop “Gather Around White Blight” is rooted in the poem White Blight by poet, playwright, translator and literary critic Athena Farrokhzad.
We will look at the intersection between language, words, body and memories. We will talk about and work with the relation between word and body, and in connection to our memories. What does the word mother tongue mean to you? Is it just a word, or does it evoke any memories? And, if so, how can you express that memory with your body? How do we express a memory of words with our body, and vice versa? And what is the difference between a memory that is rooted in words from a memory that is rooted in our body? Is there a difference?
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