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CONNECTIONS -Kettuki Network Seminar in Hämeenlinna on 13.11.

CONNECTIONS Kettuki Network Seminar focuses on Outsider Art gathering together people from sectors of art and culture, as well as social and health care. The programme has been built in a way that supports networking and getting inspired by all the new perspectives.

Time and place

13th of November 2015
At Partnership House, Hämeenlinna

Kettuki Artist of the Year, Harri Blomberg will tell about his path as an artist. Network Seminar will also give a wide perspective to Nordic Outsider Art. In the seminar we will hear presentations from director Anna Noe Bovin, who will tell us about the Concept of GAIA Museum Outsider Art (GAIA Museum Outsider Art, Denmark) and from manager and artistic director  Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir (Art Without Borders, Iceland). Artistic instructor Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa (Ateljé Inuti, Sweden) will tell us about Inuti Ateljé and a specific international project they have been working on.

The programme includes a visit to Pekka Elomaa and Lyhty workgroup’s exhibition Who Pushed the Button Mr Holbein? and a workshop held by them.

For whom?

Besides people acting in the culture sector, we can warmly recommend the seminar for all the officials, politicians and media. The seminar gives a great opportunity to get inspired by the Nordic way of arranging services for people with special needs.

Participation fee

80 €, members of Kettuki ry 70 €
Students, unemployed, pensioners 35 €
includes program in two languages (Finnish and English), breakfast, lunch and coffee


Please registrate by 6.11 at Surveymonkey


9.00 Registration and breakfast
9.30 Tervetuloa! Välkommen! Velkommen! Velkominn! Welcome! Päivi Lilja, Kettuki’s executive director
9.35 12 new ways of using a paintbrush! Minna Haveri, Vice-chairperson of Kettuki association
10.00 Hits of fate - How I became an artist. Harri Blomberg, Kettuki Artist of the year 2015
10.15 Collecting = Connecting. The Concept of GAIA Museum Outsider Art. Anna Noe Bovin, Director of GAIA Museum Outsider Art (Denmark)
11.30 Breaking Down Barriers. Íris Stefanía Skúladóttir, Manager and artistic director of Art Without Borders (Iceland)
12.15 Meet me on the lunch break! Restaurant Huviretki, Raatihuoneenkatu 18
13.15 Inuti  and a Room of Our Own. Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa, Artistic instructor in Ateljé Inuti (Sweden)
14.00 Moving to Arx House, Keinusaarentie 13
14.20 Let’s have a coffee break! Arx House 1st floor
14.50 Nice to meet you Mr Elomaa!  Awarding an Kettuki Art Act of the Year
15.00 Who Pushed the Button Mr Holbein? Experiencing the exhibition with Pekka Elomaa and Lyhty workgroup
15.30 Deadpan! Workshop. Pekka Elomaa and Lyhty workgroup
17.30 Awarding the active networker prize

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