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(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner - New Course for Beginning students

Open to the General Public - Taught in English, Finnish and Swedish
September-December 2015 - Helsinki, Finland

A Path Toward Creative Interacting

How are you a creative personality? How can you be a creative partner to yourself? What are your themes? How do you experience freedom in a performance situation? How can you engage in dramatic dialogue and cultivate empathy? How can you develop your vital energy? What does it mean to pay attention to and to follow your actions in the present? How do you develop ease and plasticity in your doing and being? How do you play?

An Authorial Personality through Dramatic Practice

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP or AwIP) is a solo improvisation discipline that explores and practices these and other questions on the path of an authorial personality. It is a guided process of coming to know yourself by relating to your inner partners in public. It offers a holistic (psychosomatic) path of studying and practicing the dynamics of acting, dramatic play, and creative communication. IwIP´s origins are at the Academy of Performing Arts Prague, where its creator, Prof. Ivan Vyskočil, developed the discipline. It is rooted in theatre, writing, psychology, and philosophy.

A Practice Open to All, An Open Practice

IwIP is a practice open to all interested in developing creative relationships with their inner partners in the context of community. Many artists and creative personalities internationally and in Finland - including theatre directors, actors, choreographers, dancers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, students, therapists and teachers - have found it inspirational for their development. IwIP is not meant exclusively for any one field, nor does it have a predetermined application. IwIP is an "opening" discipline - it opens paths to possibility. It involves risking encounter, discovering questions, asking and responding to them fully. In its broadest sense, IwIP is a path of self-discovery, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-realization. In its more specific applications, IwIP becomes what you make of it.

IwIP in Finland

IwIP has been in Finland since 2007. It has become part of Finnish cultural and educational life primarily through Milja Sarkola´s theatre work and Alexander Komlosi´s teaching (Teatteri Takomo, TeaK, Svenska Teatern). Alexander has given courses in Helsinki since 2011. IwIP has also been taught internationally.

New Course for Beginning Students

Kulttuuriyhdistys Culture Current ry is organizing new (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) course for beginning students who have never studied the discipline before. Course led in English and Finnish/Swedish as needed. Participants practice in the language of their choice, usually in their native tongue. Max 12 students per course.

Course Schedule & Location

2.9 to 16.12.2015 (~16 classes). Classes meet once a week on Wednesdays from 17h-19h. If needed, another class from 19h-21h. Class times subject to small changes. We practice at the Finnish Actors Union Rehearsal Space, Annankatu 31-33D, Helsinki, Finland.


Alexander Komlosi, MFA, PhD. Co-teacher: Ida Backer, MFA. Guest teacher: Milja Sarkola, MFA.
More information about the teachers


Between 45€-75€ per month depending on the number of classes per month. Fee paid monthly in advance. Payment for first month (5 classes): 75€ due upon acceptance. This payment assures your place in the course. Discounts available to unemployed and students. Become a Supporting Member of Culture Current and receive a course discount and other benefits.

More information/Applications

Application Deadline: August 28th, 2015
Please see Culture Current´s website: New IwIP Course Beginning Students or contact Alexander Komlosi, +358 (0)404 110 706, alexander(a)culturecurrent.org.

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