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The program of Kulttuurin Kaukametsä - Let´s update Finland! seminar has been published

Kulttuurin Kaukametsä seminar 3-4 September 2015

The Ministry of Education and Culture arranges a seminar about art and culture politics, and the theme is multicultural Finland. How can we make our art and cultural life more diverse so that everyone is included in the art field?

During the seminar we will discuss about children´s culture, accessibility of art and culture, diversity, etc. Seminar includes for example discussion, speeches and art program. Program in Finnish. The seminar language is Finnish.

The seminar is held in Kajaani at Kaukametsä Congress and Culture center, Koskikatu 2-4, 87101 Kajaani.

Please register before 16.8.2015 through this link

More information about the seminar and the program

Marjo Mäenpää, The Ministry of Education and Culture, phone. 050-520 3824

More information about registration and accommodation

Terhi Karresmaa RTG Sales Oy, phone 040 820 1675

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