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Thesis about culture event in Sign Language

Hanna Holopainen and Anni Saviniemi arranged as their thesis 7.2.2015 a culture event called HELsign that was introducing sign language culture. HELsign was accessible for both deaf and hearing people. Based on the inquiry about the event, the visitors hope that there would be the same kind of events in the future.

Most of the visitors told in the inquiry that their reason to come to the event was that it was implemented in Sign language. The second most popular reason to come was to make the acquitance of Sign language culture and art.

The purspose of the thesis was to find out how to organize a culture event that would both deaf and hearing visitors and what needs to be taken into account when organizing an interpreted event. The thesis was a functional research. We arranged a culture event with a team and documented the process and the results of the process.

The subscriber of the thesis was a project by Humak University of Applied Sciences called Vetovoimaa kulttuurikeskuksiin. The purpose of the project was to improve possibilities of the inhabitants to take part and have influence on the local cultural activities. We arraged the event with Cutural Manager student Kaisa Suomela and the executive team of the Vetovoimaa kulttuurikeskuksiin project.

Abstract of the thesis in English

More information:

Hanna Holopainen, hanna.holopainen(a)humak.edu
Anni Saviniemi, anni.saviniemi(a)humak.edu

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