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Publication "I used to be shy, now I´m brave. Immigrants, art and employment "

The publication includes tools to improve skills of seeking employment. The methods are art-based. The publication includes a DVD, which presents the documentary films and animations produced during the project. E-publication includes links to these films.

Ilona Tanskanen (ed.) 2015: ENNEN OLIN UJO, NYT OLEN ROHKEA. Rohkeutta maanmuuttajien työnhakuun taiteen keinoin. Turun ammattikorkeakoulun oppimateriaaleja 101
Download free publication (in Finnish), PDF

About the project

The publication is part of Kohtaamisia — Encounters project. The project aims to strengthen unemployed immigrants´ ability to identify their own skills and to give them the confidence to seek employment during their integration phase. The project utilises art-based and low-threshold / easy access methods. The aim is to support young immigrants as individuals and encourage them to find their value and significance as working citizens. The project will produce animation and documentary films in cooperation with young immigrants and use participatory methods such a documentary theatre and simulation.

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