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Norm Critical Exhibition in Helsinki

Norm Critical Gallery
Abrahaminkatu 7 (inner courtyard), Helsinki
Open Tue-Sun 11-18

We are a group of western, white, rather nondisabled, highly educated and in many ways privileged art students. We represent mostly male and female genders, but maybe not in the most traditional way. We set our goal to create a norm critical art exhibition. The project was doomed from the beginning - by the presumptions and the unspoken rules of the art world we are having an exhibition in a gallery space, and it is an exhibition, there is art in it and we are artists.

Norm critical thinking

Norms that influence social interaction and value people in different ways are everywhere in society and we can't disengage from our surroundings. But we can adopt a norm critical way of thinking, working and being. Norm criticality is an attitude and an ability to question presumptions, to recognise discriminating norms in our society, and to think for ourselves.

Participating artist

Titta Aaltonen, Kristoffer Ala-Ketola, Artor Jesus Inkerö, J. A. Juvani, Kastehelmi Kollman, Jaana Kähkönen, Reija Meriläinen, Olga Novola and Stine Rosdahl-Petersen.

Special events

(mostly in Finnish and English)
11/04/2015 13:00- Workshop for autistic children
12/04/2015 12:00- You and others. Let's meet! Tell me something about yourself! Have we met before? Welcome!
14/04/2015 12:00-18:00 Open critique
17/04/2015 18:00- Gay Day
18/04/2015 13:00- Workshop for autistic children


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