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Toisin silmin (With other eyes) at Espoo Cultural Centre Gallery 18.3.-4.4.2015

The exhibition comprises paintings by Maarit Hedman, sculptures by Erja Tulasalo and photographs by Ismo Tilanto.

Another perspective

The exhibition combines three different ways and techniques to see the world from another perspective. The three artists have one thing in common - visual disability. It creates challenges, on the other hand, in that it opens whole new approaches to perceiving the visual world and bringing out own mental images. The interaction of the different senses and the discussion with mental images become central factors in their artwork. Colours, shapes, light and shadow can be sensed also without vision. In the land of art, all are equal. Art has the ability to unite and harmonise.

Artist meeting

The artists will be present to tell about their works of art on Tue, 24 March starting at 6 pm. The exhibition texts are provided also in Braille.

Espoo Cultural Centre Gallery

Kulttuuriaukio 2, Tapiola.
Open Mon-Fri 8-21, Sat 9-18 and Sun 9-15
Free admission.

More information:

Maarit Hedman: www.maarithedman.com
Erja Tulasalo: www.linnatar.fi
Ismo Tilanto: www.ismotilanto.com

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