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A new report: Accessibility indicators in communication services

Working group included 25 indicators in the report.

On 16 December 2010, the Ministry of Transport and Communications issued an action plan to improve accessibility of the information society for all citizens ('Towards a barrier-free infor-mation society. Action Plan 2011-2015). The Ministry has established a monitoring group on accessible communications services and in autumn 2012 a sub-working group was formed to examine indicators of accessible information society. The sub-group proposes that the devel-opment of accessible information society be monitored using concrete indicators. It is im-portant to find indicators that are easily accessible and available for compilation now and in future.

Altogether 25 indicators were included in the report. For the sake of comparability, the report will in future be brought into line, as much as possible, with international studies. The original language of the report is Finnish, parts of the report have been translated into Swedish and English.

The report is available (pdf and word) at lvm.fi/web/fi/julkaisu

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