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1st Multisensory Guidebook on Art for Seeing, Visually Impaired and Blind People in Germany

Currently only a few museums or organizers in Germany are occasionally offering events for people who cannot see. For the State Museum Schwerin this is no longer the case.

Not everybody can enjoy art with all their senses. Who thinks of visually impaired or blind people when visiting a museum?

Made possible by an yet absolutely unique museum guide which will open the eyes of the seeing, the visually impaired and the blind people for a special view on the world of fine arts - entirely in accordance with inclusion.

This multisensory guidebook on art of "The Golden Age" is a completely new kind of project in Germany. The volume unites pictures to touch and to look at, along with texts in braille and common black writing, as well as a CD with descriptions. It invites people to discover the internationally notable collection of Dutch paintings from the 17th century in the State Museum Schwerin in a entirely new way.

For this art adventure, eight original paintings from the collection of the State Museum Schwerin were digitally edited. Intensified contrasts add to an increased visibility of the paintings and bold reliefs help to feel the painting of the old masters. For each motive there is a second tactile picture from a detail section of the painting.

Short explanatory texts - both in classic letters and braille writing - provide an overview of the contents of the paintings. Long versions of the texts are on the audio-CD. Together with sufficient descriptions of the paintings and the detail sections, just as well as every other text in the book.

The inclusive design of the book - consistent with Universal Design rules - is in particular exceptional. By combining all these different materials in a skillful way the book develops its own distinctive aesthetic.

Visit www.museum-fuer-alle.de for further information.

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