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The 6th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research - call for papers

The conference is in Copenhagen on August 14th - 16th 2013.

Welcome to NCCPR 2013

Cultural Policy in a Transformed Cultural Landscape

The conference will take place at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and is organized in collaboration between CBS and Centre of Cultural Policy Studies at Education and Research in Library and Information Science (IVA).


The theme of the conference is Cultural policy in a transformed cultural landscape. The cultural sector is in motion. The classic cultural institutions are being redefined and new types of institutions have appeared. The mediatization, including social media, that blurs the boundaries between producers and consumers, have created new types of artists, new art forms, new arenas and new forms of cultural communication and identity formation. But how does cultural policy follow along? What do these transformations entail for cultural policy and the theoretical foundation of cultural policy? The current description of the cultural sector is complex. But have our knowledge followed along correspondingly? Or is cultural policy and cultural policy research at risk of being obsolete?

The 6th Nordic conference on cultural policy research will focus on the consequences of the mediatization and digitalization of culture with its diversity of forms and participation.

Suggestions for panels within the theme of the conference are welcome.

Furthermore, abstracts for papers in the following sub-themes or related themes are welcome:

  • Digital culture and cultural policy
  • Media and cultural policy
  • Social networks and cultural policy
  • Comparative cultural policy: cultural policies in different regions
  • Cultural diversity and cultural policy
  • Globalization and cultural policy
  • Cultural economics
  • Cultural consumption and participation
  • Participatory culture and cultural policy
  • Cultural policy as development policy
  • Cultural and creative industries and cultural policy
  • Cultural institutions
  • Artists living conditions and cultural policy
  • Co-creation and cultural policy
  • Nordic identity and cultural policy
  • Awards and prizes as a cultural policy instrument
  • Policies of cultural creativity


The conference is aimed at researchers and teachers with an interest in research in cultural policy as well as arts administrators at a national and regional level. Students with relevant cultural research projects are also encouraged to send in contributions to the conference.

Through the conference we wish to contribute to the discussion of cultural policy and its research. The aim of the Nordic conference is to strengthen the Nordic community regarding cultural policy research and to promote the foundation of Nordic networks of researchers.

Former Nordic conferences on cultural policy research have been held in Århus (2003), Borås (2005), Bø (2007), Jyväskylä (2009) and Norrköping (2011). The Nordic conference on cultural policy research is held every second year in between "The International Conference on Cultural Policy Research" (ICCPR).

Conference languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

Important dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: January 11, 2013
Deadline for panel proposals: January 11, 2013
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2013
Deadline for papers submission: July 1, 2013

Further information:

During November 2012 information regarding the conference can be found on the homepage of the conference

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