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ARTS - HEALTH - ENTREPRENEURSHIP? Conference on 22-23 October in Helsinki

A Conference on arts and health projects and practices

The conference is focusing on the management and entrepreneurship within arts and health projects. What skills and competencies are needed in the field? What does the field offer to arts/cultural operators? How to solve the challenge of funding and financing?
There have been several projects piloting new methods for using art based processes to improve wellbeing of clients in social and health care sectors. Starting point of these
projects is an artist working in a care unit and mediators understanding both artistic and health care interests for co-operation. These pilots have shown that in this surrounding
the cultural operator needs to have good skills and specific competencies in order to make projects sustainable and successful.
A central challenge is how to turn the innovative pilots into permanent practices, products and stable employment. This conference aims at looking into this challenge. This conference is an initiative of the ENCATC Arts and Health Thematic Area (www.encatc.org/arts-and-health/) and is organized by the Cultural Management Degree Programme, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (www.metropolia.fi)
Two topics of the conference are:
1. CURRICULA DEVELOPMENT - There is a challenge to improve arts management aimed at professionals working in intermediary positions between the artists and health care units. Specific education is needed both in BA and MA levels as well as in continuing studies and in adult education. Financial management is a part of the arts and health project development.
2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP - As seen in the piloted arts and health projects a central need is to find ways to enhance creative ideas into sustainable practices and entrepreneurship. When turning the pilot into innovation with a more sustainable status along with new employment we need to focus on financing models, client basis and value chain of production as well as the service development.
Registration deadline: 15.10.2012 at: https://elomake.metropolia.fi/lomakkeet/6391/lomake.html

Further Information: www.metropolia.fi/ahe
Conference venue: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Hämeentie 161, FIN - 00560 Helsinki
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