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Tuntumaa - An Exhibition For All Senses opens in Iiris 7 December 2010

Tuntumaa exhibition will be installed in Helsinki, On the invitation there is a white hand, mouth, eye, nose and an ear figure on the top of each others on a grey background.
at Iiris - The Service and Activity Centre for the Visually Impaired 7.12.2010-15.1.2011.

Welcome to the opening on the 7th December at 4.30 pm - 6:30 pm!

Art sites that are readily available offer everyone the opportunity to take part and to gain new experiences. There are various ways that people can use their senses - touch, smell, taste, hear.

Tuntumaa exhibition's main goals were to improve accessibility in many ways. One of the main points was our willingness to work on improving accessibility and equality in art.

Artists in this exhibition represent various fields of art. For this group Sanna Heikintalo, photographer and Jaana Teräväinen, journalist, were selected. Their art work considers how vision pictures are created for people with normal sight and for the visually impaired, just based on the text they are reading. Maarit Hedman, a visually impaired painter/ teacher of painting, did a painting in three parts, a painting which is also very beautiful to touch. Kirsi Jaakkola, painter, did a scenery in winter time, a scenery which also invites to flying. In costume designer Mervi Kuittinen-Karivirta's pieces of art one can sense the slightly fragrant eggs of silk butterflies which lures gently under their rough and smooth surface. Hilda Kozari, painter, painted her tasty pictures with the scent of fresh and crisp and different tastes all in 3d installation invited children to hide and play. Kari Mäkiranta, composer/musician, composed a playable work of art with sounds taking an attender on a long and holy journey just listening to the music or producing it. Veijo Setälä, sculptor, his sculptures invites us to try what it is like to walk in a crowd.

The exhibition is the final thesis project of Marika Leinonen-Vainio from Aalto University School of Art and Design, Department of Art and Media in Pori.

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