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Call for Papers: Disability and Public Space 28-29.4.2011 in Oslo

The Disability Studies working group at Oslo University College is pleased to announce a call for proposals for an interdisciplinary conference.

Dates: April 28-29, 2011.
Location: Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway
Host and sponsors: Oslo University College (through the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Urban Research program), The Research Council of Norway (through the Rehabilitation as Conflict project), and the Fritt Ord foundation.

Background and themes

Disability, accessibility and the right to participate fully in all aspects of life are becoming increasingly prominent topics in a variety of disciplines. The conference aims to explore these topics from a variety of perspectives, bringing together researchers and professionals from the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and urban studies.

The background for the conference is partly the expansion of interdisciplinary research on disability, including cultural, historical and interactional studies, and partly the increase in legislative initiatives, including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. A primary objective for the conference is to promote dialogue and research across both disciplinary and geographical boundaries. Plenary speakers include Professor Rosemarie Garland-Thomson of Emory University, Professor Susan Schweik of the University of California at Berkeley, and Professor Rob Imrie of King´s College, London.

The interface between public space and disability needs to be more extensively explored in research that includes both empirical and theoretical studies. We encourage submissions from researchers in the humanities and the social sciences, law and the health sciences, as well as built environment engineering and urban planning.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Embodiment, Urban Planning, and Universal Design / Design for All

Disability in Public Discourse

The History of Public Space

Citizenship and Participatory Democracy

The Right to the City: Planning and Accessibility

Legislation on Public Space

The Language and Rhetoric of Disability, Rights and Access

The Public Sphere and Disability

Interaction in Urban Places

Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Public Space and Deliberation

Gender and Public Space

Abstracts (maximum 300 words) and queries should be submitted by December 15th, 2010 to: publicspace(a)hio.no

See also: http://www.hio.no/Enheter/Avdeling-for-helsefag-HF/Disability-Studies-Working-Group

Notification about accepted papers will be sent by February 15th, 2011.

There is no attendance fee. Participants are requested to cover and arrange for travel and accommodation on their own, but information on transportation and local hotels will be provided. Accessibility requirements for presenters will be addressed.

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