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New publication: The New Museum Community

In a series of 20 authoritative essays, this new 350-page book examines in depth how museums globally are succeeding - in many different ways - in reaching and involving social groups traditionally overlooked or excluded from the museum experience.

Among the topics covered are:
• Consulting the Community
• Cultural Mediators
• Guests are our Heroes
• Inclusive Without Knowing It
• Involving Teens with Autism
• Mainstreaming Outreach: Taking Audiences to the Core
• Museum Provision for Visually Impaired Visitors
• Participation and Personalisation
• Language Learning for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
• Reaching Multi-Cultural Audiences Online
• Social Media and Social Impact
• The Ignorant Museum
• The Long-Term Impact of Social Inclusion Initiatives
• The Virtuous Circle: Community Engagement
• Urban Evolution
• Using Collections to Collaborate Artistically with People with Learning


For all the information on contents and authors, and to place your order,
please visit: www.museumsetc.com/?p=2117

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