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Museum guides got acquainted with the world of audio description

The guides of Ateneum Art Museum and Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma (both museums are located in Helsinki) practised how to make visual verbal in a half a day audio description training in May. The trainers were Emmi Jäkkö and Maarit Hedman. The purpose of the training was to support the guides in their work and prepare them to guide groups with visual impairments. According to the trainer Emmi Jäkkö the guides have now, after the training, a good basic knowledge about audio description, but it is very recommendable to organize as soon as possible testing opportunities (test audio description tours) for the guides. Also the museums should consider arranging an advanced course in audio description in the future, says Jäkkö.


Two guides are stanging in front of an art piece and practising audio description so, that the eyes of the other guide are being covered.

The guides practised audio description in the exhibition
halls of Ateneum. Picture: Aura Linnapuomi

Culture for All Service asked from the trainer Maarit Hedman and a participant Vappu Rossi how the training went. Visual artist Maarit Hedman is also herself visually impaired. Read the interview in Finnish or contact the educational curator of the Ateneum Art Museum Erica Othman for more information:

Erica Othman
tel: +358 9 17336 314

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