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Bee fish swish their tails as they look at sunflowers.

EMMA continues its art project for elderly people

Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) continues this spring its art project for elderly people living in long-term care institutions. The project titled "Taide friskaa mieltä ("Art refreshes your mind") offers refreshing and socially rewarding moments for elderly people who are already out of reach of art museums. Remembering and associating are catalysed for example through art works, conversations, story telling and music. The previous project was realized in Puolarmetsä hospital and Aurora care institution in 2007. This time the project delights the every day life of Kustaankartano's (elderly people's centre in Helsinki) inhabitants. Read more about the project in Finnish.

More information:
museum educator in charge, Nana Salin
tel: +358 50 461 6780

museum educator Pernilla Wiik
tel: +358 46 877 2007

communication manager Malla Hintsala, Leiras
tel: +358 400 207626

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