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Research: The role of communal art activities in increasing the well-being of young people

The three year (2008-2011) Myrsky project (Myrsky=Storm) of the the Finnish Culture Fund reaches out for young people between the age of 13 and 17. The project tries to empower these youngsters socially through art activities. The project reaches out especially for young people who are in danger of being excluded because of different reasons as violence, criminality or drug abusing problems in their close living environment. As a consequence the young people might suffer for example from school problems, teasing, timidity or social fears.

From the intermediate report "Young people as makers of art - intermediate assessment of the Myrsky project"" (available only in Finnish) comes out that the art activities promoted by the Myrsky project have had a positive influence on the well-being of the young people involved, especially to their happiness, development of their articulacy and in supporting new friendships. Also their conception of art and culture has changed mainly in to more positive during the project. Read more about the project and download the report from the web pages of the Myrsky project (in Finnish).


More information:
Raisa Kiesi
Head of the Project, Finnish Culture Fund, Myrsky project
Pursimiehenkatu 26 C
00150 Helsinki
tel. 050 5699332

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