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Culture for All Service is expanding

Culture for All Service has worked together with the cultural service providers for six years offering consultancy, audits, training, and information material. The aim has been to improve the accessibility of cultural sites and services. Now Umayya Abu-Hanna has joined Sari Salovaara and Aura Linnapuomi with her vast experience on diversity issues.

The range of diversity issues is wide. These are some of the questions we will be dealing with: How do we define different ethnicities?
How do different ethnicities and identities relate to
each other? How can the cultural field serve a
society with a changing demography and
changing audience? What is needed to make
the cultural field accessible and recognizable for
different ethnical backgrounds?


Sari Salovaara
+358 (0)9 17336 378, +358 (0)40 507 8660

Umayya Abu-Hanna
+358 (0)9 17336 217, +358 (0)40 524 3090

Aura Linnapuomi
+358 (0)9 17336 215, +358 (0)40 550 8282

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