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The new Finnish Art and culture for well-being programme

On 5 December 2007 the Finnish Government issued a resolution on a Government Strategy Document and in this connection adopted a Policy Programme for Health Promotion. In this context, preparations were launched for a programme to enhance the contribution of art and culture to health and well-being 2010-2014. This was later
named Art and culture for well-being. On 29 September 2008 the Minister of Culture and Sport, Mr Stefan Wallin invited Ms Hanna-Liisa Liikanen, Dr Pol Sc, to conduct an expert review as preparation for the programme and set up a broad-based expert group to assist her.

The aim of the Art and culture for well-being programme is to promote well-being and health by means of art and culture and to enhance inclusion at the individual, community and societal levels. The three priority areas in it are: 1) culture in promoting social inclusion, capacity building, networking and participation in daily life and living environments, 2) art and culture as part of social welfare and health promotion, and 3) art and culture in support of well-being and health at work.

Dr Liikanen put forward proposals for altogether 18 actions geared to promote health and well-being through art and culture. They are grouped into actions relating to 1)
legislation, administration and funding, 2) cooperation between the public, private and third sectors, 3) research and the knowledge base, 4) education and training, and 5) information.

The proposals are accompanied by a background report which describes the premise for the work and good practices relating to the theme and reviews the situation in
administration and financing in Finland and some other countries. The report also includes an overview of research relating to the theme.

Key words
culture, art, well-being, health promotion at work, applied art,
art-based methods, wellness services, cultural
participation, inclusion in culture

The publication in pdf-form (in Finnish).

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